the chrysalis
broken drought
silent rebellion
ghosts of the living
atom to the planet
girl called novella

vanilla in the sun

a gentle sun sets across the land of our acquaintance
we stand there and smell the eucalyptus in the air
and i can not believe this feeling i have for you
or this moment of something that we share
for I can still remember how we lay by the river
your skin as warm and white as fresh milk in the sun
you could not believe me, how your bosom shaped the sunlight
though I never knew the woman you've become

i know you won't
go doe-eyed for me
(you say
you know my love
you want to...)
more so than me

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all the stars are celebrating our impossible reunion
in my mind as we sit by a swimming pool and dream
who was it that sowed the seeds: ad astra per aspera?
who made every romance feel as if it was a movie scene?

i know you won't
(you say
go doe-eyed for me
you want
you know my love
to taste
more so than me
all the colours)

the gentle sun sets across these radiata pines
though i'm as tightly wound as a hay-bale in that field
when you said that you ask…do you still ask about me?
for some reason we were a crop that simply wouldn't yield
and time, time is now like a freeway of refrigerator transports
that run to our different cities, while there between that river runs
where we once walked together, beneath those stars of summer
you never knew the man I have become

i know you won't

you know my love

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