the chrysalis
broken drought
silent rebellion
ghosts of the living
atom to the planet
girl called novella

silver car speeding through a rainstorm

just this
feeling that i have inside
this feeling that i have denied
for so long that i can not decide
if this feeling has a place outside
of this song in which i now confide
in this dream that i dream inside

in this artificial world, it’s you i won't find
and if i showed you all the power i've absorbed
in looking for you, woman, i would make you blind

i just know this
know that beauty, it fades
and everyone is in its parade
it's just a dream in which we're tumbling down
like acrobats toward the ground
but if our hands connect we're alive
by the edges of pools we survive

yes, love is dangerous
like a silver car speeding through a rainstorm (without its lights on)
sheep white punctuation marks on the green space of romance
night covering the sun with the stuff that we are made of
with which we could explode the darkness
any moment somewhere…
every moment somewhere…

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love is day
love is dangerous
love is day, genome, generous chrome
clone chromosomes would make us perfect, though alone
for what makes us different is what makes the difference

in this feeling that i have inside
these flaws, this questioning why
this feeling that i can't describe
is a feeling that i can't deny


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