the chrysalis
broken drought
silent rebellion
ghosts of the living
atom to the planet
girl called novella

the rhinoceros and the flower

i had a dream about a missionary
he had a suitcase and a canary
he had a grand piano and many songs to sing
from time immemorial to every little thing
he had his mission out on serengeti plain
he'd come from a land that was used to seeing rain
in the lazy hazy heat he wore a suit and tie
he had a church to build but a woman in his eyes

from the earth's earthly power

he built that house of faith but belonged beneath the stars
he talked to his canary yet dreamt of hotel bars
and out there in africa things are what they seem
elephants are elephants and dreams are simply dreams
and at that mission out on serengeti plain
he had a feeling that freud could not explain
he'd gone to the river for his ritual shaving
and come across that woman in the river bathing

from the earth's earthly power
the pollen, the aphrodisiac, the rhinoceros and the flower...

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that night he had a heavy heavy dream
she chased him over fields, over hills and over streams
they ran until they came to an old old mining town
he had the strangest feeling as the rain came tumbling down
this sad euphoria he could not explain
his heart was sending messages of love to his brain
she kissed him on the forehead, her lips were soft and warm
so he followed her out into the serengeti dawn

what is man and woman is of an earthly power
it's the body and the spirit, the rhinoceros and the flower

she went to that house of faith and released his canary
and she said a prayer beneath the stars for her missionary
then she lay herself in the flowers of serengeti plain
as sigmund sat with pen in mouth, unable to explain…

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