the chrysalis
broken drought
silent rebellion
ghosts of the living
atom to the planet
girl called novella

the magic of saying one another's names

in the country seed that found itís way to the city lights
in the brindabella heights, was the love of a man
growing still, far from the land his youth had tilled
in a friendship a girl drawn together in a rally of words
volleyed to send all the birds, to prise the seed of a man
pushing to know what was beyond what had been sown
in the flow of rain the others came and went away
and the love of a man pushed for the day
feeling this, for the desire of a single kiss
in the feathers of flirting floating down from the sun
this man knew she was the one, with the love of a woman
bursting now to find the when and the way how
in a precious night when their friendshipís wings reached their height
in a moment of delight, the love of woman and man
made it through into something their hearts always knew

in a mountain stream a circle of gold shines with light
and in reflectionís sight is the magic of names
saying each otherís, an eternity for one another
in the tree of love that grows now under heavenís heights
their names are carved in light, with the birds of friendship
flying out, with grace toward two people
just getting to know each other now

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