the chrysalis
broken drought
silent rebellion
ghosts of the living
atom to the planet
girl called novella

joy of a million suns

from here, it's easy to see the flowers
come lay by me, we could be here for hours
with wings of broken butterflies, of what has gone before
with the leaves of lost trees, life continues, evermore
and here, with our cheeks pressed to the earth
we can hear thunderstorms coming from the ocean of rebirth
we can see five tall trees that know of centuries of stars and suns
all part of a greater forest, of different seeds, that together stand as one

here, it's a simple connection; the sun comes up
and the green, it glows, with the white of resurrection
you feel the power of earth pushing you up, attuned to what it knows
you see the pollen in the sun, you see the way it blows
it is the sweetest promise, feel the dirt on your knees
and the clearing of your soul, as your hair moves with the breeze...

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and here, it's easy to feel the flowers
with your hands gliding over them, in the tranquillity of hours
and rising from your knees, knowing the truth of reason
summer's always coming, love, whatever the season
and the sundays of memory are shadows that fall behind
you look back at them, with your heart, there will always be a time
the future light's before you, now, every moment just begun
the sun shines warm upon your cheeks
we are of everything, and everything is one

and with this, the pollen drifts, the landscape shifts
this feeling of bliss, is something that makes us want to run
laughing through the undulating flowers, we could run for hours
feeling the earth under our feet, the rain soft and silver in the sun
into the night, the stars unfold, written in the light of a story old
we have gone beyond the kneeling, and every day will now be feeling
like a monday just begun, like the joy of a million suns

here, it's easy to see the flowers
come stand by me, we could stand here for hours


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