the chrysalis
broken drought
silent rebellion
ghosts of the living
atom to the planet
girl called novella

the gift of manatoba

the wind is whispering vapour trails across december skies
nervousness brightens to exhilaration in your manotoban eyes
the holly and the eucalypts, white christmas memories
in this summer of your laugh you light the night of mystery

and if we feel the push and pull of our respective continents
and if we feel the global expanse of our sweet earth's firmament
and if we dance...
in every stranger that we meet the possibility of chance
and manotoba unfolds to us as a spoken mystery
a landscape that forms in our minds from your reverie
and it's here that we embrace you, a new yet long time friend
in every conversation expectation of something around the bend...

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the wind whispers through the pine, the wind whispers through to me
in those decorated lights, in the star atop the tree
every world could be a stage you step for the first time
every ocean that you swim could be these river rhymes

and if we feel the pull and push of our respected continents
and if we see the beauty and the wholeness of our sweet earth's firmament
and if we dance...
with the exchange of hands, every friendship has a chance
as albury unfolds to you as tablecloths of hospitality
for the giving and the gift
of your voice to me


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