the chrysalis
broken drought
silent rebellion
ghosts of the living
atom to the planet
girl called novella

my favourite tree

someone took the tall tree from my garden
someone came and pulled it from the ground
someone’s taken the rhythm from my heartland
someone’s removed the music from the sound
i can remember years of the rain falling
everything is green tho’ sky and eye are dry
a page is blank in this lover’s diary
my thoughts are lost to the buzzing of a fly

someone’s put our history into one day
someone’s put my home in a suitcase
someone’s put a bullet on the table
in the shape of an envelope’s window face
can we ourselves make this one last harvest
we dry plough as a way of praying for rain
for a seventy acre dream of pure canola
for us to sit and look over once again...

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someone’s taken my favourite tree from the garden
someone’s come and pulled it from the ground
someone’s taken you from me and my heart aches
someone’s removed your laughter from all sound
a thunderstorm comes to save with showers
as cockatoos speak to cloud streaks over grain
the page is flowing in this lover’s diary
and i am with you in spirit once again

this is not the time for a surrender
there’s a battle here for a history long
your bones and spirit earth october lightning
for the rain to play its music to this song

someone took the tall tree from my garden
someone left your leaves upon the ground
you can hear this music through the heart-land
you can hear love’s verses in this singer’s sound

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