the chrysalis
broken drought
silent rebellion
ghosts of the living
atom to the planet
girl called novella

dysfunctional unit

at the completion of the mission you left a great black
hole there was no one here to talk to, no-one to make me whole
the lounge room felt like Pluto, telephone fallen from the wall
i was so far out in my cold world there was no-one i could call

just a little spaced out...

the mass below - rarotonga, islands hurled up from the blue
i crash landed in the pacific, powered upwards without you
i wandered roads of ancestors buried in the yards of green
walking through tropical rain, the air was fragrant, clean

just a little spaced out...

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if you should hear this song you will hear tangoroa sing
a journey through the wilderness now a journey here within
when your lover sleeps beside you, he sleeps beside the sun
there's a billion stars out there, he thinks he's found the one

just a little spaced outÖ

at the completion of the mission it was me who made me whole
the spirit of rarotonga released this fragrance from my soul
whenever Iím consumed by doubt, i dream the pacific sea
and the generous love of the islanders i have returned in me

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