the chrysalis
broken drought
silent rebellion
ghosts of the living
atom to the planet
girl called novella

circle in the sand

won't let this circle blow away
can't wish for rain tomorrow
the river's shallow here today

i walk with you again along that stony beach
where we gathered shells by mangroves
by ghosts of mineral green, grey broken boulders
where i'd climb onto your shoulders
when stars seemed within reach

you would speak, you would listen
i would hold your hand
and i would stare in wonder at your circle in the sand

won't let this circle fade away
can't wait for tomorrow's rain
there's a drought of spirit
here today

i follow rivers flowing beneath this ochre land
i follow the roads, the storms across this country's hand
i have a pebble, water's clarity, a universe to expand
i never will forget you and your circle in the sand...

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and now my father feels your hands guiding his hands
it is a mystery unmeasured we somehow understand
you are here in the day, and you were there that night
a presence without shadow, more permanent than light
your spirit moves the timbers, a breeze through warburton’s stands
brings the coming rain you foretold with your circle in the sand

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