the chrysalis
broken drought
silent rebellion
ghosts of the living
atom to the planet
girl called novella

beautiful animals

in the heart of the heat, and with nothing on my feet
i could see you were sweet, like a delicious love to eat
to delight you to the whole, to see the beauty of your soul
as you stood in the sun, all my thoughts had come undone
your smile was intimate and fun, but i had this urge to run

like beautiful animals

when you feel that it's love, all the stars fall from above
and they light up your eyes, in an exchange of surprise
then i try to run and hide, from these feelings here inside
but in this dreamland of you, there's truth under the blue
like a seedling in the sun, like a button come undone

like beautiful animals...

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if we could dream the leopardís dreams
we'd see beyond what seems and see
the love that slips these human clothes
is a love that everyone should know

i'm standing on the edge, and then i feel a summer breeze
and i'm pushed in a new direction by a swarm of honeybees
and i'm running for the staircase, and iím going to the ground
and i'm running out to meet you, where we kiss without a sound
while all the stars and dandelions are floating, falling from above
we take each other by the hand, and we're running, laughing, loved

like beautiful animals


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